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Almost every year since 1997, I have taken at least one major international trip of at least three weeks. The choices of destination are usually little more than the result of my throwing a figurative dart at the map or having Chinese takeout for dinner and thinking, "It's time to go to Asia" -- it doesn't take much to inspire me to hit the road for a month or two. These are, of course, not all the trips I've taken, but they're the longest and most diverse holiday excursions.

Click a route on the map or select a trip from the list to read my account of that trip.

The level of detail in the travelogues has gotten toned down over the years -- for the first three trips I kept track of (and you can read about) every train timing, appetizer, and drink-stall refreshment -- but there should still be enough information in the remaining accounts, in the form of e-mail messages sent to family and friends from the road, to give you a sense of what I experienced and to enable me to recall the events years later.

There is also a travelogue of my experiences as a musician in the orchestra pit of the national tour of Fosse, from 29 October 2002 to 21 May 2004.