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Crimes of innumeracy

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About me, the pedant My world of editing and proofreading and my intentions in creating this site.
Crimes of illiteracy Practical information on common errors related to English grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and orthography.
Crimes of innumeracy My persnicketiness extends to numbers. Here's how to write them and how to avoid saying the wrong thing.
New York City solecisms Ever heard of Don't Tell Mama's? Becco's? Is it Courthouse Square or Court House Square? Queensboro or Queensborough?
Writing for the Internet Why I use a hyphen instead of a dash on the Web, why I might put the comma or period after the quotation mark, why I've stripped this site of most of the accent marks, and similar digitally provoked modifications.
Proofreading services I've spent five years proofreading professionally. If you need something edited, I'm your guy.
Resume The details on said five years.
Links Internet style guides and the like.